A few good links often make the difference when you're looking for just-in-time information. This wiki will serve as a collecting point for information shared at meetings and via email. Send a link if you have one, or join the space to post links yourself.

triangle.gifARRA - Wisconsin and National Links

Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Index
DPI Big Picture; News, Links
American Economic and Recovery Act - IDEA Part B Sections 611, 619
Late Breaking News; Webinars
ARRA funding vs. regular IDEA and Title I funding
Just the Facts! (one page .pdf)

Positive Behavior Intervention in Wisconsin Schools

Proposed Revisions to WI Model Academic Standards

Proposed National Common Core Standards in ELA and Mathematics

Link, Lurk, Leap: Literacy and Learning in the 21st Century - Augustine McFarland Presentation Links

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